Afshar Iran antique rug
Timeless Treasures was founded in 1923. Until today we have created a collection of unique pieces over 100 years old as well as more modern carpets and rugs that stand out for their high quality and aesthetic. We cherish the relationships with our customers which are based on mutual respect and trust. Recognizing that times are changing, we have decided to create this website to convey our love for carpets to the younger generations and to thank the older ones, presenting few selected pieces at reduced prices.
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Modern Ethnic Turkey 319x98
-35% Ziegler Afghan 296x194

Original price was: €4.300,00.Current price is: €2.800,00.
Kilim Bakhtiari Iran 292X195
-35% Kazak Caucasian 190x108

Original price was: €7.200,00.Current price is: €4.700,00.
-34% Bactiar Iran 231x145

Original price was: €4.400,00.Current price is: €2.900,00.
-35% Kilim Zazim Iran 188x166

Original price was: €1.200,00.Current price is: €780,00.


The Pazyryk rug is one of the oldest carpets in the world, dating around the 5th century BC and it is now in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Over 2000 years ago, in the Pazyryk Valley located in the Altai mountains where Russia, China, Kazakhstan and......

Often, tribal carpets have a limited number of colours available and the availability of these colours can change particularly with nomadic tribes who would move to different areas. However, in general, the following plants are used to produce certain dye colour ranges....

The wool of the rugs dyed with a natural procedure requires more time To dye wool rugs using vegetable dyes requires more labour force The dyestuff of the vegetable colours is very costly Synthetic dyes are made from either aniline or chrome. Aniline dyes are......

It is because the yarns have variation, called abrash, that creates texture and depth. The subtle changes in shade are the imperfections that give natural colours their subtle charm. If the colour is completely uniform and monochromatic, it is more likely to have been produced......